Altamura Meets Innovation Through LiFi!

Cultural Heritage and the Virtual World. A new hi-tech chapter for the National Archeological Museum of Altamura, that becomes more innovative thanks to a cultural revolution that emphasizes beauty and technology.


Poster LiFi

The pandemic crisis and side effects hit the cultural heritage sector as well. Covid brought new needs to transform and enhance visiting experiences. In addition, forced lockdowns resulted in new initiatives and alternative solutions to innovate and transform the traditional approach to cultural exhibitions.

In relation to the Wi-Fi project Italia, we launched a new project in collaboration with Infratel Italia to promote the accessibility and enhancement of our cultural heritage and archeological sites through Li-Fi G technology. Li-Fi G allows data transmission through LED lights sources.

Il LiFi innova tramite il qr code

The Project

Working at the the National Archeological Museum of Altamura taught us that to each time period and culture corresponds to a unique beauty standard. Through LiFi we created a path that will guide visitors on a journey where shapes, sensations, and values are as important as concrete events.

To start this journey, one will simply have to scan a QR code and download the specific app LiFi Art in the proximity of the LiFi Zones, located in between the glass windows of the Museum, on the first floor. MuAlt, a virtual guide, will be the one guiding visitors through the most interesting secrets of the ancient world.



In conclusion, The Altamura Museum offers a new visitor experience that breaks all the traditional patterns. This new experience will be able to stimulate children’s imagination. A beautiful, innovative, and strongly recommended visit, which becomes even more appealing with LiFi technology!


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