ASL Napoli 2 Nord Joins the LiFi Revolution!

To increasingly improve the quality of services to physicians, patients, visitors and medical staff, and for the first time in Italy, we implemented LiFi in the Healthcare field. This was possible thanks to our collaboration with ASL Napoli Nord 2 and the support of Director of IT Salvatore Flaminio.


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The first LiFi Zones, implemented in the Pozzuoli hospital, have the function of spreading the potential of this technology, particularly in the healthcare field. Users will be able to experience a bidirectional connection through light thanks to LiFi S (Streaming). This would happen through to a computer provided by ASL. At the same time, thanks to LiFi G totems and the LiFi Zone application, will receive information on LiFi and on ASL 2 Napoli Nord services.




LiFi and Healthcare 

Applications in the healthcare field can be as beneficial for patients as they are for healthcare workers and visitors

It is important to keep in mind that many medical devices that are used in the surgical room, both in intensive therapy and in radiology, do not allow radio frequencies, therefore the WiFi. This makes LiFi technology a valid alternative to WiFi in the medical field. Since it emits a signal that does not interfere with the medical equipment, the LiFi technology allows a bidirectional and wireless connection which guarantees fast data transmission, high bandwidth, and density.

Finally, LiFi guarantees higher cybersecurity, as the light cannot penetrate solid barriers. Thus, light is necessary to access the network.

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LiFi has an additional benefit: it is a safer technology for our health. Differently from other kinds of technologies, LiFi substantially reduces electromagnetic waves. In environments with children such as hospitals and care facilities, LiFi allows a wireless communication in a sustainable and affordable manner.

 ASL Napoli 2 Nord is the first Italian hospital to implement LiFi and one of the first worldwide. 

This was a very successful story that won the Innovation Award SMAU 2021.


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