Barracco Museum: How LiFi Changed the Exhibition Rooms

The Museum of Ancient Sculpture “Giovanni Barracco” is one of the first worldwide to implement LiFi technology to enhance its exhibition. The Museum and To Be’S shared objective is to enrich visitors’ experience by combining the physical, the digital, and the rich art collection. The project, co-funded by the European Union, aims at implementing “New Kinds of Visiting Experiences at the Museum of Ancient Sculpture Giovanni Barracco”. In collaboration with DB Ingegneria dell’immagine Srl and Tecno Electric Srl, and as winners of the contest  POR FESR 2014-2020 “L’Impresa fa Cultura”  promoted by Regione Lazio, we installed four LiFi light sources in the main exhibition room.

Francesco Paolo Russo – Founder & CEO To Be Srl

Every LED lamp, emitting modulated light, generates a LiFi Zone associated with a unique code. Thanks to a specifically designed app, mobile devices that are located in the LiFi Zone can receive multimedia content related to the exhibited works or the visit.