To Be Joins the Challenges of the Next Generation EU

“The digital revolution represents a great opportunity to increase efforts for productivity, innovation, and employment in Italy. It would also help provide wider access to culture and education and bridge the disparity gaps in our territory. “

These were the words of our CEO Francesco Paolo Russo and of our Marketing Manager Annalisa Milani on the occasion of the event “Conference on the future of Europe after the PNRR: Challenges of the Next Generation Eu”


Francesco Paolo Russo – CEO & Founder To Be Srl

The National Plan for Recovery and Resilience includes a series of reforms to increase cybersecurity, and digitalization and to promote a better-structured system.

LiFi solutions and their applications in schools aim at helping the education system guide students through personal growth, bringing sustainable and safe innovation. Being sustainable, LiFi falls within fifth-generation connections.

Thus, LiFi technology fully fits Galletti Decree’s parameters. As stated by the minister, more steps will be taken to define accurate parameters on electromagnetic field exposure, to ensure citizens’ safety.

With the objective of implementing infrastructure with low electromagnetic emission for scholastic digital services, we implemented our LiFi solutions in several schools thanks to the support of specific funding projects that aim at reducing radio frequency emission in scholastic infrastructure. These solutions increased the bandwidth and the quality of services.

Our team is working to pursue the LiFi Revolution, with the hope of bringing the light of innovation to several Italian schools.