Fast, Secure, and Sustainable Connection with LiFi S!

Among the several solutions that To Be developed, there is LiFi Streaming (S) thanks to which it is possible to connect one or more computers to the internet wirelessly. This process is fast, secure, and sustainable.

LiFi S

What is LiFi?

LiFi is a cutting-edge technology that allows data transmission through LED light modulation. It can offer several benefits, such as large bandwidth and fast data transmission. Since it uses light and does not emit radio waves, LiFi can be ideal in environments that are hostile to interferences, such as hospitals, military buildings, and airports. In addition, since it provides connectivity by using light, that is enclosed in a specific area, LiFi prevents external hacker attacks. This makes LiFi fast, safe, and sustainable.

LiFi Streaming

LiFi Streaming represents a bidirectional, wireless connection system of one or more computers. LiFi S works thanks to Li-Fi transmitters characterized by infrared LED light and USB keys that are able to receive and transmit the signal.

How Does it Work?

LiFi S allows one or more computers to connect to the internet wirelessly and without interference risks or potential external hacker attacks. The access point is connected to the data network and is able to communicate with computers equipped with USB keys. This can take place at a speed up to 220 Mbps. The number of necessary transmitters has to be defined on a planimetric basis, in relation to the dimensions and furniture of the environment.

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