With To Be Srl Data Travels at the Speed of Light

To Be designs, develops and sells Li-Fi solutions. Li-Fi, which stands for Light Fidelity, is an innovative technology for data transmission through LED light. Light is a wave, and, like radio waves and electromagnetic waves, which are also used for data transmission, can become a channel for receiving and transmitting information if modulated.

Thanks to the implementation of an electronic feature between the power supply and light, Li-Fi is not only able to illuminate bodies, but also to transmit binary codes through on and off commutation that is so fast that it is not detected by the human eye. Different devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop) are able to read the signal from the light source and elaborate it into information.


Li-Fi connection has several benefits. First of all, with Li-Fi, it is possible to reach a speed comparable to 5G. Secondly, Li-Fi is free from band saturation issues. Thirdly, this technology can geolocate a user even where there is no GPS signal, and with extreme accuracy. Then, it allows access to analytic data on how users experienced a service or product thanks to geolocation. Li-Fi also guarantees energy saving and electromagnetic pollution reduction, thus it is considered to be a green technology. Finally, it is a system that prevents potential interceptions and external hacker attacks, therefore it is considered to be an international standardized protocol of maximum cybersecurity that can be implemented in telecommunications worldwide.