LiFi: Security and Sustainability in Schools

Light sources become potential data transmitters. Schools enrich themselves with an inclusive, intuitive, and simple service. Students gain new academic tools.

LiFi is a sustainable technology that is able to eliminate the risks of electromagnetic pollution and drastically reduce the energetic impact of the telecommunication and illumination engineering industries. This technology incentivizes the usage of cutting-edge LED lamps and eliminates the energy consumption related to radio wave emissions.

The objective is to experiment with new high-speed technologies characterized by minimal or nonexistent radio-frequency emissions.

The Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), which consists of the transmission of data through the LED light, offers a faster, more stable connection that does not present issues related to interferences and to bandwidth saturation. Moreover, light can be enclosed in a specific area, so that the risks of potential external hacker attacks are reduced. Differently from other kinds of Wi-Fi technologies, Li-Fi does not emit radio waves, therefore avoiding interference issues with other devices.

Our team is developing and introducing different solutions to the market, among which there is Li-Fi S (Streaming), which is a system for the bidirectional connection of one or more computers to the internet. This system is made up of illuminated bodies equipped with Li-Fi technology and with USB keys that are able to receive and transmit the signal.

Li-Fi S represents a concrete answer to the need of reducing our exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF) as much as possible. More in general, this system aims at improving energy efficiency in schools, guaranteeing an unprecedented, fast, secure, and sustainable connection to the students.

Thanks to the dialogue with several educational institutes, our LiFi Zones will offer a Li-Fi connection within the classrooms.

The Li-Fi first projects in schools will most likely be launched in the Marche Region, which is the first administrative body to give municipalities the chance to adopt the latest and most innovative Green technology working on data transmission. But we also welcomed with great enthusiasm the willingness of Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi to make the Capital a smart and innovative city by bringing the Li-Fi technology to several schools.

We are ready to spread light and innovation!