LiFi Streaming

Secure connection at the speed of light

It is a system for bidirectional connection of one or more PCs to the network, consisting of LiFi transmitters with infrared (invisible) LED light and USB sticks capable of receiving and transmitting the signal.

With LiFi Streaming it is possible to connect one or more PCs to the network wirelessly and without the risk of interference or hacker attacks. The access point is connected to the data network via RJ45 cable or PoE and is able to communicate with PCs, each equipped with a USB stick, at a maximum speed of 220 Mbps. The number of transmitters required must be defined on a planimetric basis in relation to the dimensions and furnishings of the room or, where necessary, during the on-site inspection.

In fact, this technology (IEEE 802.11 international standard) works thanks to the modulation of the signal emitted by each individual LED: a 0/1 sequence that is not visible to the human eye and which enables data transmission.


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