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Light and data. For a new dialogue between physical and digital.

LiFi Zone was created to make LiFi accessible in sectors ranging from retail to shopping centres, from trade fairs to logistics, from healthcare to universities, from the corporate world to public administration, from airports to Industry 4.0. The high precision in terms of geolocalisation of Li-Fi translates into a user experience of extreme proximity: a user can be guided throughout his user experience, receiving targeted information and discovering the best route based on where he is and what he is looking at.

This requires a hardware component, i.e. modulated luminaires for sending data, and a software component, i.e. the app developed specifically to enable devices to receive the LiFi signal.

Through the installation of the LiFi Geolocation solution, therefore, it is possible to offer hyper-accurate navigation, location-based services such as wayfinding, promotions and service requests, and to improve the efficiency of staff and operational processes.

Furthermore, using the data collected on traffic flows and the behaviour of visitors and staff is instrumental in improving the layout, operations and dynamics of the point of interest in question.

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