Light and Data: What is LiFi?

LiFi, which stands for Light Fidelity, is a technology transmitting data and information through LED light modulation.

It represents an innovative method for wireless data transmission: all the LED sources are potential information transmitters, and every device is a potential user.

Dati, sanità e LiFi

LiFi, Data and Healthcare

Applications in the healthcare field can be as beneficial for patients as they are for healthcare workers and visitors. The implementation of specific LiFi Zones can bring several services that aim at improving the check-in and check-out processes, as well as geo-locating and sharing medical records. This would guarantee the privacy and safety of the data transmission.

It is important to keep in mind that many medical devices that are used in the surgical room, both in intensive therapy and in radiology, do not allow radio frequencies, therefore the WiFi. This makes LiFi technology a valid alternative to WiFi in the medical field. Since it emits a signal that does not interfere with the medical equipment, the LiFi technology allows a bidirectional and wireless connection which guarantees fast data transmission, high bandwidth, and density.

Moreover, the LiFi technology guarantees an additional level of security, as the light cannot pass through significantly solid barriers like the walls. Therefore, direct exposure to light is necessary to be able to access the network.

How Does it Work?

Every device comes equipped with a modem that modulates light at a rate that is not perceptible by the human eye.  This process is detected by a USB Li-Fi key that is connected to a computer or a tablet. This USB Li-Fi key then transmits the data to the lighting device through an infrared connection.

The Li-Fi technology has an additional value both for security and for human health. Differently from other technologies such as WiFi, LiFi substantially limits the spread of electromagnetic waves. This technology offers a wireless data transmission in environments such as hospitals and care facilities, in which there are newborns and children, and it does so in a sustainable, affordable and ecological way.

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