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LiFi P2P

LiFi P2P

Point-to-point data transmission

Thanks to the LiFi P2P solution, it is possible to communicate from one point to another even over long distances wirelessly and without radio frequencies.

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Two visually connected optical devices immediately create a network, even over considerable distances, without the need to lay cables. Crossing an area or warehouse, making offices in adjacent buildings communicate, transporting data signals through a corridor without tracing or laying cables, thus becomes a simple and safe task with a transmission speed of up to 10 Gbps.

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    LiFi Streaming - To Be Srl.

    LiFi Streaming

    LiFi Streaming

    Secure connection at the speed of light

    It is a system for bidirectional connection of one or more PCs to the network, consisting of LiFi transmitters with infrared (invisible) LED light and USB sticks capable of receiving and transmitting the signal.

    With LiFi Streaming it is possible to connect one or more PCs to the network wirelessly and without the risk of interference or hacker attacks. The access point is connected to the data network via RJ45 cable or PoE and is able to communicate with PCs, each equipped with a USB stick, at a maximum speed of 220 Mbps. The number of transmitters required must be defined on a planimetric basis in relation to the dimensions and furnishings of the room or, where necessary, during the on-site inspection.

    In fact, this technology (IEEE 802.11 international standard) works thanks to the modulation of the signal emitted by each individual LED: a 0/1 sequence that is not visible to the human eye and which enables data transmission.


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      LiFi G - To Be Srl

      LiFi Geolocation

      LiFi Geolocation

      Making every lamp a source of information

      It is an indoor geolocation system that uses LED light modulation to define a user’s position with extreme precision.

      It is an IoT solution capable of collecting useful data for decision-making processes and digitising georeferenced services.

      The LiFi Geolocation solution represents a mono-directional connection in which the LED lamps transmit a binary code that, thanks to the special App we developed, is received by the camera of smartphones and tablets to define the position of a user with extreme precision.

      The technology (which is based on the international IEEE 802.15 standard) works by on-off switching of the light frequency.

      This sequence of light emitted is not visible to the human eye and enables data transmission in a green way, thanks to the absence of radio waves and the reduction of energy consumption due to the use of the latest LED lamps.

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      LiFi G - Hotspot

      The LiFi G – Hotspot solution allows the user to enjoy an immersive and innovative experience: simply download the appropriate App on your smartphone, position yourself under the point of light that illuminates the object of interest, and you will be able to enjoy the associated content. Each LED lamp will then be associated with a specific content.

      Light and data for a new dialogue between physical and digital.

      LiFi G - Indoor Navigation

      The LiFi G – Indoor Navigation solution includes the LiFi G – Hotspot offering and enables a geolocalised and immersive experience by conveying proximity content within a given space, enabling indoor navigation services and proximity marketing.

      Characterised by high accuracy in terms of geolocalisation, the LiFi G is able, even where GPS signal is not present, to pinpoint the position of a user extremely precisely, achieving results that are far more accurate than other GPS systems.

      Far more precise than other indoor geolocalisation technologies available on the market.

      By installing a sufficient number of lamps to completely cover the area of interest, it is possible to create a true indoor navigation system in which multimedia content is associated with an area of the map and no longer just a lamp.

      LiFi Indoor Navigation

      The Indoor Navigation function not only enables different types of media content, but also offers numerous additional services, such as

      • Ad hoc route creation
        Routes based on interests, preferences, needs, age or other that improve the service offering and user experience
      • Way-finding services
        Help users orientate themselves, move around and find the main points of interest or utility in spaces.
      • Accessibility services
        They help people with disabilities to use the routes.
      • Data Collecting & Analytics services
        Data collection on visit dynamics, purchase choices, user behaviour and preferences.
      • Industry engagement activities
        Co-marketing services and systems for enhancing activities related to the sector.

      Many different services can be imagined according to needs and objectives.

      Let’s build the most functional and effective solution together.

      LiFi Art vs LiFi Zone

      With the LiFi Geolocation solution, the same light that illuminates a point of interest can also transmit information content to users, guiding them along their routes.

      In particular, with the aim of fostering the digitisation of the world of Cultural Heritage, we created the LiFi Art project that breaks the traditional mould and gives a new concept of visiting by offering the right content at the right time thanks to the high precision in terms of LiFi Geolocation.

      While, in order to offer a modern and innovative content delivery solution in sectors ranging from retail to logistics, from healthcare to Industry 4.0, the LiFi Zone project was born.

      LiFi Art e LiFi Zone a confronto

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