The ability of LiFi technology to adapt to different uses, improving processes or providing a better service to the user, enables applications ranging from Retail, through proximity marketing, to the world of Energy & Utilities, from SmartCities to all those contexts where the same light, which illuminates an environment or a product, a path, a square, an office, can transfer contextual information with respect to the user’s position, facilitating the accessibility of the path even to a disabled person.

Cultural Heritage

LiFi is an excellent solution for the enhancement of cultural heritage as it can greatly improve the visitor experience.

Thanks to its ability to orient users with extreme precision by indicating the best route, it can meet the needs of visitors with disabilities.

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The geolocalisation services in which LiFi can be fully applied include all services that offer content in relation to the geographical position of the device: whether in a museum, an exhibition, a shopping centre, an airport, a station or on board a ship, having a state-of-the-art version of the ‘sat-nav’ on one’s device allows one to use the smartphone effectively.



Li-Fi technology can offer an interactive orientation and service guidance system, as well as higher bandwidth than traditional Wi-Fi, can reduce network congestion as the school’s data demands increase.

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Office / Events

In offices and at events, Li-Fi makes it possible to provide a high-speed broadband connection, making it possible to transmit data and video in high quality in both upload and download, while at the same time making video calls and video conferences without the ‘typical’ line problems. The advantage of the innovative communication model is combined with increased energy efficiency due to the use of LED lights.

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Case Studies