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The contest “L’Impresa fa Cultura” was implemented by the Lazio Region to promote our cultural heritage through the development of new technologies. This initiative also aims at supporting local artists and creative handicrafts; organizing cultural events, and exhibitions, and implementing educational art programs and activities. Out of the 226 total applications registered, 43 consisted of innovative projects, which also include our proposal. We want to offer “A new kind of tour experience at the Museum of Ancient Sculpture “Giovanni Baracco” in Rome.

This project was co-funded by the European Union and, thanks to the use of Li-Fi technology, will enable the implementation of LED-illuminated pathways able to transmit data and images, to provide the user with a unique experience.

Barracco Museum

A guided journey in the world of ancient sculpture and art thanks to light and innovation. This unique experience will allow visitors to explore the Egyptian, Mesopotamic, Assyrian, Phoenician, Cypriot, Roman, Greek, and Etruscan arts.

The Project

The project involves the implementation of “New kinds of tour experiences at the Museum of Ancient Sculpture “Giovanni Baracco” in Rome”. On the website, one can find more than 400 pieces, from the Cypriot art to the Egyptian, Mesopotamic, Assyrian, Phoenician, Roman, Greek, and Etruscan ones. Ancient Greek sculptures from the V century and related Roman copies, along with funerary pieces, statues dedicated to Alessandro Magno, and medieval art are all accurately classified online. These works represent a display itinerary distributed in 9 halls and three floors.

Today, the exhibition area is relatively limited in comparison to the number of displayed works. Thus, we thought about using LiFi to further enhance the value of these collections.


The implementation of Li-Fi technology within the Barracco Museum aims at delineating an internal route guided by LiFi light sources. These lamps will be positioned in correspondence to the pieces of art, thus providing a safe route for people with disabilities as well.

Along with a LiFi router, LiFi lamps emit modulated light that is matched with a unique code. The receiver devices near the lamps are consequently able to detect the code and elaborate descriptive multi-medial content through a related App.


Thanks to LiFi, an internal, flexible, and reconfigurable geolocation system will be implemented. This system will allow visitors to have a guided tour supported by multi-media content such as videos, images, and infographics, which will significantly enhance the visitor experience.

Along with managing the construction process, a communication project based on promoting and explaining the new solution will be implemented. This project will also aim at developing a guided tour of the exhibition points through specific installed tools, which were graphically designed and supported by apposite materials to guarantee a complete visit to the Museum.

Support Received

As a leading organization in the Temporary Association Enterprise (ATI), our startup obtained a regional fund of 177.096,00 euros. This fund was awarded along with two other important organizations: the DB engineering of the image Srl, a leading company in the engineering and graphic sector; and Tecno Electric Srl, a group born in 1987 and operating in the electric installations and industrial automotive sectors.

Work in Progress

LiFi is an extremely innovative solution for the Museum of Ancient Sculpture “Giovanni Barracco”, which will be one of the first Museums worldwide to implement such technology.

We keep working to spread light and innovation, and we will keep you constantly updated.