The Smart Pompeii project, implemented in collaboration with MiBACT, CNR and TIM, was created to improve the experience of millions of visitors through the use of a latest-generation LiFi infrastructure compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Specifically, an initial installation was created for the exhibition “Pink Floyd. Live at Pompeii. The exhibition by Adrian Maben”, set up in the galleries of the gladiatorial arena in the Amphitheatre of the Pompeii excavations, where in 1971 there was a concert by the famous musical group. This now permanent exhibition evokes this concert, which has now gone down in history, and represents a true journey through the music of Pink Floyd.

Thanks to the positioning of the Li-Fi LED projectors, it is possible to guide the visitor and give him the opportunity to enjoy multimedia content directly from his smartphone, without the use of external hardware. Before entering the exhibition, the visitor has to download an application and then, by simply walking by the installations, they will be able to enjoy videos of the concert and a whole series of information about the event.

Thanks to the Smart Pompeii project, guides, QR codes or other technologies are no longer necessary: just stand in front of the light that illuminates a certain exhibition point to receive all the information.

Within the same site, a second installation is also planned at the Domus dei Vetti. Thanks to LED light source compatible with LiFi technology, it will be possible to enhance the visitor experience with multimedia content even at the entrance to the exhibition.