Demo Day

Magic Spectrum Demo Day: To Be and the LiFi Revolution!

On July 14th, in Milan, CDP Venture Capital and Digital Magics announced the 8 finalists, among 175 startups that applied, that were selected for the first edition of Magic Spectrum, an acceleration program. This program is meant to support startups that work in the 5G and Internet of Things markets. To Be is among the 8 finalists: along with Auting, Cloudvision, Evja, G-move, Logbot, MyMine, e Waterstream, our startup received an initial monetary support of 75.000 euros.

At the Demo Day event, our Chief Financial Officer Danilo Fattorini had the task to present our vision, current and future projects to investors, mentors and companies, both from Italian and international backgrounds.

Our participation to the event, which was launched by Cdp Venture Capital and Digital Magics, allowed us to obtain an initial monetary support of 75.000 euros from extremely important players in the innovation system. In the last few months, we have been focusing on collecting capital from investors wanting to support us.

“5G and IoT are two markets that will be increasingly prominent in the future, thus they will have a strong influence on everyone’s life. With our program, that greatly aligns with our industrial plan, we aim at attracting the best companies working in this field. Thanks to the precious contribute of CDP Venture Capital and our other partners, we also want to help these companies grow and build meaningful networks. The first 8 startups selected proved us that we are going in the right direction and showed us the significance of the ideas and solutions offered by European and Italian talents.”

Ludovico Facchini, Digital Magics’ Partner & Magic Spectrum Program Director

Presenting our vision and LiFi solutions, that aim at accelerating the LiFi Revolution, at the Demo Day event represented the first step of an important journey that will keep us very busy and that we are ready to embark on at the speed of light.

In this process, the founders of To Be were assisted by Federico Bellan LLM, of counsel at Akran Intellectual Property.

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Scuola e innovazione arriva il LiFi

School and Innovation: LiFi lands in Camerino

LiFi represents a concrete answer to people’s willingness to bring innovation to schools, giving students a fast and sustainable connection, free from electromagnetic pollution from radio frequencies and cabling. To Be brought LiFi to the “Costanza Varano” Institute of Camerino for the first time.



The Contest POR FESR Marche School services: wireless local connection “Zero EMF” allowed Macerata to experiment with new technologies, particularly ones characterized by high speed and low radio frequency emission. The city of Camerino was chosen to be the starting point of innovation and digital services in schools so that students would have the opportunity of enjoying new academic content and better digital tools.

The “Costanza Verano” Institute of Camerino was the first one in the area to implement LiFi within a scholastic environment.

“For us, LiFi is a solution, and probably the ideal solution, to meet the school’s innovation needs”.

Francesco Rosati, Preside Istituto Costanza Varano


Francesco Rosati, Principal of the Costanza Verano Institute, commented on the project as follows: “For us, LiFi is a solution, probably the ideal solution, to meet the school’s innovation needs. These needs for a digital transformation revolve around our students. In particular, Implementing LiFi solutions allowed us to provide students with a safe connection with large bandwidth, that will further enhance the cultural and professional growth of our young minds. The laboratories in which LiFi Zones were installed thus became the main innovation players”.


The project



The project saw the implementation of 11 LiFi lamps/ transmitters in the Physics and Chemistry laboratories of the Costanza Varano institute, to meet the needs of 18 simultaneously connected computers. Different from WiFi, LiFi does not emit radio waves: it uses light waves to transmit and receive data, representing the fastest and most sustainable solution for connectivity. The speed of connection of the first version can reach up to about 250 MBs in data streaming download.



It is important to remember that it is because of the culture and academic tools found in schools that students take the first steps for professional and personal growth.


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LI-FI in Schools: The experience at the Istituto Comprensivo Rosetta Rossi di Roma.

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luce e LiF

LiFi and PNRR Opportunities

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is the tool adopted by the Italian government to distribute and invest the European Resources from the Recovery Fund, with more than 220 billion euros of total investments. 27% of the total amount will be invested in digitalization, 40% will be invested to fight climate change and more than 10% will support social cohesion.

The plan, divided into six main sections and objectives, includes a series of legal reforms that aim at digitalizing and modernizing Italy, to increasingly attract more and more investments in the long run. This would increase Italy’s GDP and employment rate.

Innovation, Culture, Healthcare, and Sustainability are at the core of the digital and green revolution, where technology plays a central role.


Among several cutting-edge technologies, we have Li-Fi, which characteristics meet the needs of the PNRR, as it offers several benefits in different contexts.

Li-Fi is a wireless technology able to transmit data and information through LED light modulation. It is an innovative wireless transmission method:  all the LED light sources become potential data transmitters, and every device is a potential user.

Li-Fi has multiple benefits. The first one is speed: this technology can reach up to 100 Gbps in laboratories. Then, Li-Fi is characterized by large bandwidth, about 10’000 times wider than WiFi. Security is also an important feature: being enclosed in a specific area, light is hard to be intercepted by external hackers. Finally, LiFi can be characterized by extreme accuracy when it comes to geolocation: it can offer advanced geolocation and indoor navigation services, as well as the opportunity to transmit proximity content. Differently from other technologies, LiFi does not emit radio waves, therefore it has no interference issues with other devices. This is an electrosmog-free technology that significantly reduces energy consumption in the telecommunication and light engineering sectors by incentivizing the use of cutting-edge LED lamps and using light as a data transmitter.


Considering these beneficial features, LiFi can be applied in several contexts, among which we find healthcare facilities, schools, museums, and transportation, all of which are very important for the green revolution that the PNRR aims at.