To Be International: The Li-Fi Light in Europe


The Light of innovation is looking at the European Market

The Lazio Region announced the contest Bando POR/FESR 2014-2020Incentives for acquiring support services related to internationalization processes of PMIs”, with the objective of supporting entrepreneurial realities in the development of internationalization processes, in entering MPIMI foreign markets and consolidating their presence.

As beneficiaries of the contest, we are proud to announce our efforts in entering European markets, particularly the Portuguese and Dutch ones.

More specifically, the “To Be International” project had an estimated value of 95 thousand euros and saw a contribution of 48.519 thousand euros from the European Union. The project involves trademark registration, our participation in five international events, a series of promotional marketing and communication activities, and the implementation of tailored consultancy and support activities from the Temporary Export Manager.

Thanks to this opportunity, we aim at taking the lead in the development of LiFi solutions in several market segments, such as the Cultural Asset, Retail, and School sectors. This would happen through collaboration with local partners. In particular, we would like to do the following:

  • Emphasize and bring to the surface the unique potential and characteristics of LiFi, especially to the eye of eventual foreign users (for example working in retail, transportation, and cultural institutions).
  • Develop solutions that will align with market needs.
  • Promote companies’ ability to work with advanced solutions in sectors characterized by rapid growth and a strong technological presence.
  • Strategically position our company in the market taking into account technological developments that will launch the LiFi technology and its exponential growth in the market.

Are you ready to follow us during this new adventure? We will keep you updated!